Perodua Sets Ambitious Goals for 2024 Export Expansion, Targets Brunei as First Foreign Market

Rawang, May 6th: Perodua, the renowned compact car manufacturer, is gearing up for an impressive 79% increase in exports, aiming to ship 1,960 units in 2024 compared to 1,094 units in the previous year, as part of its strategic initiative to diversify its global footprint.

Marking a significant milestone in this endeavor, on May 3rd, 2024, Perodua debuted its latest offerings, the Alza AV and H, along with the Axia AV and G, in Brunei. The company has set sales targets of 120 units for Alza and 40 units for Axia in the Bruneian market.

Moreover, Perodua continues to export its Bezza 1.0L G model to Brunei, with a sales target of 300 units, bringing the anticipated total sales volume in Brunei for 2024 to 460 units. Notably, in 2023, Perodua achieved significant success in Brunei, selling 300 units of the Bezza 1.0L G, making it the company’s top export market for the year.

Dyg Saadah Hj Mohd Zanai, Motor Vehicle Manager, TAIB (TABUNG AMANAH ISLAM BRUNEI); Syed Mohamad Jamal, Senior General Manager, Export Operations & Transformation,
Jake Goh, Director of GHK Motors; Haji Muhammad Ali Bin Haji Metusin,  Head of Sales. Baiduri Finance Berhad; Tengku Izuddin Bin Tengku Najmuddin, Assistant Manager, Export Planning and Development; Pengiran Halaluddin bin PM Dato Shariffuddin, Chairman of GHK Motors; Ahmad Faezul, Sales Manager, Perodua Division; Shahrin Hj Mohd Yassin, Sales Executive

Dato’ Sri Zainal Abidin Ahmad, President and Chief Executive Officer of Perodua, expressed optimism about the company’s export expansion in 2024, citing the robustness of the Malaysian automotive ecosystem to meet both local and international demand. He highlighted Perodua’s commitment to aggressively expanding operations and enhancing vendors’ production capabilities to sustain this growth trajectory.

In a strategic move, Brunei emerges as the first destination for Perodua’s export expansion, without compromising the domestic supply of vehicles. Moreover, the company has significantly reduced waiting times for popular models and maintains ready stock for selected variants, ensuring seamless customer experience.

Dato’ Sri Zainal emphasized that the targeted increase in exports not only benefits Perodua but also presents growth opportunities for its vendors, enabling them to scale their sales volumes in tandem with the demand for spare parts.

The first owner of Alza, Puan Norain Binti Matnoor

Regarding pricing, the newly launched Alza AV is priced at B$30,900, the Alza H at B$27,900, Axia AV at B$21,900, and Axia G at B$17,900. The Bezza 1.0L G is offered at B$16,900, inclusive of road tax and insurance.

Perodua’s strategic push into the Bruneian market signifies the company’s commitment to global expansion while maintaining its domestic stronghold, fostering growth opportunities for both Perodua and its partners.