With the position of the Malaysian currency these days, it must be hard for the government to try to mirror the decline in global oil prices which should, by right, mean that motorists can get fuel at lower prices. In as far as motorists in Malaysia are concerned, pump prices continue to rise and for the coming 7 days, there’s another round of increases.

This time, diesel is impacted the most significantly with a 9 sen increase to RM2.14 per litre for the Euro-2M grade, and RM2.24 for the Euro-5 grade. That’s not going to be appreciated by fleet operators who have to purchase huge volumes of the fuel.

The two petrol grades have ‘moderate’ increases – 1 sen for RON95 which takes it to RM2.21 per litre and 4 sen for RON97 Euro-4M which puts pump prices at RM2.52 a litre.

If you are starting to feel that your motoring costs are going up because you are paying more for fuel, some ways you can make each litre last longer are to avoid keeping heavy loads in the car, ensure your tyres are inflated correctly and have the engine tuned-up regularly. It would also help greatly if you switch off the engine when you are waiting for people for a long period since an idling engine is consuming fuel are its highest rate.

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