Wondering when to get your tyres replaced?
Check your tyre’s age and condition in four simple steps:

Use the 20 Sen method

If you’re still unsure, use your new 20 Sen coin and place it in one of the main grooves, if you can see ‘SEN’ then you’re still good, if you can see fully ‘Malaysia’ then it is time to get them replaced.

Six years

Remember, rule of thumb of when to change your tyres is within six years if you’re not a heavy user, and within two years if you drive frequently.

Check the manufacturing date

You can check the tyre’s manufacturing date on the sidewall in the form of four numbers, usually preceded by the letters DOT. These numbers represent week number and year, so 3415 will be week 34, 2015.

Look at the groove

When the tyres still has all of its intricate patterns, the tyre is still able to drain water away, as opposed to ones that appear with just its main grooves.

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