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The original Audi TT never quite managed to shake off its image as a ‘car for hairdressers’ due to its soft looks, much to the detriment of its appeal to men who are either too self-conscious to be seen in such a car, or keen drivers who’d prefer cars with more ballsy exteriors. It meant that while the first TT proved to be a huge sales success, its appeal was somewhat limited among hairy-chested blokes.

Styled to look much more aggressive, without losing the iconic silhouette that made it such a charmer in the first place, the second generation TT that was launched in 2006 was, and is, more universally accepted as a performance car that can be driven by both poseurs and hardcore drivers alike.
There are now 5-year old examples of the Mark 2 TT in the market and these early models would by now have considerable mileage put into them. For those interested in getting one, a full service record is vital to confirm the engine’s longevity. Make sure that its timing belt has been replaced at appropriate times in the past, as it could cause unusual wear on the engine and its peripherals if missed.Take time to search around for one that would suit your needs and requirements, as there are quite a number of these cars around now.

Being an Audi, the interior will almost definitely still be in fine condition, unless of course the previous owner(s) were extraordinarily torturous. The leather upholstery and steering wheel will probably need some work, but avoid those with cracks or premature wear as it suggests mistreatment.
The familiar (197 bhp, 280 Nm) EA113 Volkswagen Group engine powered all the early models, and apart from its timing belt mentioned earlier, it has proven to be a robust unit. Used in the Golf GTI Mark 5 as well, the turbocharged engine has been popular with modern tuners, some managing to get significant performance boosts from a simple ECU re-chip alone.
There’s a faster variant called the TT-S with an upgraded engine producing 268 bhp and 350 Nm, and even newer still is the manic TT-RS (335 bhp, 450 Nm!). Both, however, are too new to be anywhere near affordable, so your best bet for a performance bargain is to keep to the base 2.0 TFSI model.Have you owned this car before? Share your experiences with us!


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