Police are searching for a spelling-challenged vandal who defaced a woman’s car with paint in Pennsylvania.

On the driver’s side doors someone had scrawled “bicth.”

Officers are looking for an illiterate person with a grudge against the victim.


An alligator has been found in a supermarket car park on New York’s Long Island, just a day after another gator was discovered in the same place.

The reptiles were captured and will be sent to a reptile sanctuary in Florida.

Officials believe someone dumped them there. It was the third gator sighting on Long Island in less than a week. Last Friday, an alligator was found crawling on the front lawn of a beach home.


A heartbroken van driver has parked up next to a busy roundabout in County Durham and poured out his feelings on the side of his vehicle in big orange letters.

The silver VW vehicle was left parked prominently beside the George Reynolds Industrial Estate outside Shildon with the words “Linda I’m sorry” printed on the side.

The message continued: “I’m a fool and an idiot sometimes.

“I love you with all my heart!

“Please come home and put this right.



“I want to grow old with you, WILL YOU MARRY ME?”

Drivers slowed down to take in the public proposal and others stopped to take pictures of the 56-registration van.

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