Volvo Cars has one of the car world’s broadest ranges of Flexifuel models and offers two engines that run on E85 fuel, a blend of ethanol (85%) and petrol. E85 is an alternative fuel which reduces the use of petrol and also causes less air pollution. It’s available in countries like Sweden as well as Thailand, which began promoting its use a couple of years ago.
To demonstrate that a car running on an alternative fuel like E85 can still offer high performance, Volvo and the Polestar team have been competing in the Swedish Touring Car Championship (STCC) with ethanol-powered Volvo C30 DRIVe racing cars.
Recently, after the Mantorp round, the team secured the 2010 STCC Team Championship title, with driver Robert Dahlgren in an overall second place in the championship. This makes the C30 Volvo’s most successful race car to date.
Developed with Polestar, the car began claiming poles and victories in its maiden season in 2008. In the last two STCC seasons, the car took 70% of all pole positions, 40% of all race wins, two STCC Team titles, one STCC Drivers title and one Scandinavian Drivers title. Besides having won four out of five possible titles in the last two years, this year’s title is also the third one for Volvo in the 14-year old STCC, the first two having been won in 1996 and 1997.
"This is a very proud moment for everyone at Volvo and Polestar. We have achieved this because the C30 is a very good car to begin with and because we have worked as a team and kept pushing forward both when challenged and when successful" said Derek Crabb, Volvo Cars Motorsport Director.
Volvo and Polestar are now busy preparing for next season which actually starts in less than a month. Polestar will participate in the World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) in Japan on October 31. This race is an introduction to the full 2011 WTCC season Volvo recently requested Polestar to do in order to evaluate the series. Of course, the team intends to also defend and chase new STCC titles in 2011.
E85 variant of C30 was launched in Thailand in 2008 to coincide with commercial sale of the fuel
To know more about the C30 and other Volvo models, visit and for a test-drive, contact Swedish Marque at 03 9236 2822.
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