If you are planning on driving back to your hometown this festive season, there are certain things you need to check to make sure your vehicle will get you there safely and on time. Most people think by servicing their vehicles at regular intervals mean with absolute certainty that they will not experience any mechanical or electronic issues between service intervals. Most of the time, that should be the case but just like any other machine, a vehicle can breakdown when you least expect it, so you cannot be completely ignorant to the functionality of your vehicle.

A little maintenance work and knowledge from your part can go a long way in helping you spot issues before they turn into actual problems. We usually post similar articles every time the festive season draws near and though you may think you know it all, understanding and keeping this maintenance tips in mind might save you from a costly repair bill.

#1- Make sure the engine starts without any issues. Unusually long cranking times may be indication that the battery might be weak or that you may have more serious electrical problems.

#2- Once the engine is running, observe the temperature gauge to make sure the cooling system is working at optimum levels. If you service your vehicle at regular intervals, the service centre would have probably checked to make sure that the blend of water and coolant in the radiator is at the required level. So, if the engine’s temperature is higher than normal, there could be a leak or a malfunction in the cooling system.

#3- Make sure your tyres are properly inflated. If you are unsure of how much pressure is required, look for the tyre pressure chart sticker on the driver side sill. Manufacturers usually set their recommended tyre pressure by the size of the tyre.

#4- Make sure your headlights are working properly. Many overlook this, but the functionality of your headlights can mean the difference between life and death especially on a poorly lit winding road.

#5- Lastly, check that your transmission is in perfect working order. If something appears to be out of the ordinary, no matter how small the issue, get it checked. What you might think of as a minor glitch could prove to be a contributing factor to the gearbox failing, which is especially true when it comes to automatic transmissions.

Look after your car and your car will look after you, that is the only way you can enjoy trouble free motoring for a good number of years.

From all of us here at Motor Trader, remember to wear your seatbelt, drive safely, have a pleasant trip home and remember leave the racing for the racetracks.

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