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Is the Renault Captur to be considered the go-to car for the fitness enthusiast? Bryan Au finds out if it’s as good as a pair of premium trail running shoes.

Cars, like shoes comes many shapes, sizes and purposes, but you’ll search a long time before you find one that fits. In my experience, finding the right pair of shoes does take quite a while especially when shopping through both online and physical stores – like finding the right size, pronation, design and price.

The Captur’s dynamic design and exciting colour schemes will attract individuals who think and live outside the limits of convention.

The choices are plentiful, where finding the right one would typically meet key requirements like type of pronation, price, design and colours and size. When it comes to cars however, it starts from budget, brand, model, variant and eventually choosing the right colour. In regard to the latter, Renault has the answer for people who want to break out of that monotony.


Goodyear EfficientGrip SUV

Enter the Renault Captur 1.2 TCe. Its got the looks to match and the colours to excite – its SUV cues owe much to its short front and rear overhangs and its double tone exterior colour scheme goes hand-in-hand with its dynamic design. In addition, the 17” black diamond cut wheels equipped are surrounded by its black wheel well mouldings further accentuates its smooth, flowing, even lines providing the Captur a visually sporty and powerful stance. If the Arizona Orange hue you see here in pictures isn’t your thing, then you can go for the Pacific Blue with Ivory roof, or the new Flame Red with Diamond Black roof instead. If you prefer a more conservative palette, the Ivory with Diamond Black roof should be the one for you.

Both front and rear seats are comfortable and easy to clean, thanks to their removable seat covers. The near-indestructable YKK zippers ensures reliable usage for many years to come.

It may look visually small on the outside, but provides occupants an ample amount of space inside, especially when a car is designed for active individuals in mind. Two fully grown adults can find comfort at the rear as the Captur offers a good amount of leg and head room.


Owners can find storage spaces located in its door pockets, centre console, glove compartment, a dashboard compartment and net pockets located behind each front seat. They consist of an array of elastic ropes, which are flexible and strong enough to store maps, notebooks and even a 500-page physical fitness guidebook.

Speaking about seats, the Captur’s pièce de résistance are its removable seat covers, where both front and rear bench seat covers can be removed by means of unzipping and peeling the Velcro attachments off, therefor making it a lot easier to clean the seat covers after having them soiled or drenched in sweat. The CKD model only comes with Charcoal and Grey seat covers. Leather upholstery is available as an option where the front and rear seats, and side door finishers are clad in bovine hide for a touch of luxury.

Stylish and Practical, no compromises to be found in here.

Reflecting this, the door cards (only a small section of cushioned fabric used on the elbow rests, or leather if you opt for the optional package), dashboard and front seat backs are mostly made from plastic, which isn’t a bad thing because it makes these areas a lot easier to clean and maintain.


By default, the Captur’s boot space measures at 377-litres, and by removing the boot floor partition frees an additional 78-litres which makes it 455-litres, and with its rear sears folded down flat increases its boot capacity to its maximum 1235-litre capacity, which should fit a road bike flat on its side with its front wheel detached.


Entertainment comes from the MEDIA NAV Evolution multimedia colour touch screen offers practical functions such as navigation, radio and hands-free telephony via Bluetooth. It’s easy to use and intuitive to navigate through its functions without any unnecessary fuss and delays. It also relays visuals clearly from the rear-view camera when you set the gear lever in reverse.


Limitless driving positions are achievable to suit almost anyone who holds a valid drivers’ licence, thanks to its adjustable steering wheel column that can be adjusted height and reach wise. The audio control buttons located on right side of the steering column are large and chunky, not a bad thing because it’s much harder to miss when your focus is on the road ahead, be it hunting for your favourite song, setting up the cruise control or answering your phone calls via Bluetooth connectivity.


Motive force comes from a 1.2-litre turbocharged 4-cylinder engine making 117hp at 4,900 rpm and a peak torque figure of 190 Nm of torque at 2,2000 rpm. The 1.2-litre lump is mated to Renault’s EDC dual clutch transmission that sends power to its front wheels seamlessly, especially when driving at civilised speeds, it helps to curb excessive fuel consumption by keeping the revs within the engine’s sweet spot.


With that said, the Captur is as frugal as it gets; It achieves a low 4.7 l/100km (21.3 km/l) Extra-urban cycle figure when tested. If you need to select a specific gear ratio, the EDC transmission allows the driver to use the Manual mode to fully exploit the 1.2-litre engine’s potential. And when you do exploit the 1.2-litre engine’s grunt to its maximum, getting up to its 192 km/h top speed is effortless.


Although sprung on the plush end of the scale, the Captur seem to hold its own well when the going gets spirited. The compact crossover feels agile and corresponds well to steering inputs albeit lacking in feedback. Despite its plush ride the suspension remains compliant keeping its composure well through corners. Not bad for a car with a ground clearance of 170mm.


When it comes to price, the Captur is now locally assembled and EEV certified, which brought down its price reasonably well in between the HR-V and the CX-3, which is pretty good considering the warranty and aftersales package you’ll be getting with the Captur which comes with 5-years manufacturer’s warranty with 5 years free maintenance for parts and labour available at all 15 authorised Renault service centres nationwide.


Stylish, practical and reasonably priced, the Captur is definitely one compact crossover to be on your list especially if you do live an active lifestyle, where its unique design features has been thought through and through to make life a lot easier without compromising style and practicality. Similarly, just like finding that perfect pair of running shoes that fits.

It’s got the looks, very practical and its meaty yet efficient turbocharged 1.2-litre engine gives more than it consumes.

No Good
The ride is a little too soft.

Technical Specifications
Renault Captur 1.2 TCe
Price Msia:
RM109,000 (CKD)
Engine: 1,179 cc Turbocharged in-line four-cylinder
0-100km/h: 9.9 seconds (Tested)
Top speed: 192 km/h (Tested)
Power:  117hp
Torque: 190Nm
Fuel consumption: 4.7 l/100km (Tested)

[Bryan Au]

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