Following on from the ‘Styled by Courreges’ limited edition available since November 2017, Citroen has unveiled the new E-MEHARI. Drawing on the unique character of the original Mehari, the all-electric iconically styled 4-seater cabriolet has made a true generational leap in terms of design and equipment. There is also a Hard Top bodystyle with side windows and an opening rear window, transforming the E-MEHARI into a family car rather than being a recreational vehicle.

The original Mehari which was sold 50 years ago

The E-MEHARI comes to the market 50 years after the original and boasts more modernity but with a design consistent with the brand’s styling cues. Recognisable through its expressive gaze formed by two-tier lights – a design specific to Citroen models – the 2018 E-MEHARI maintains a playful style.

The new model’s singular body design, inspired by the world of leisure, has been enhanced by wing and sill panel extensions and black bumpers. The gloss front and rear bumpers are solid-dyed in the same colour as the body.

The ABS thermoformed plastic body is both light and resilient, impervious to corrosion and minor impacts, and requires little maintenance. Making life decidedly easy for motorists, it can be washed inside and out using a hose, thanks to its watertight seat upholstery, TEP door panel trim and rubber protective mats.

Post-production : Astuce Productions

Extra ground clearance enables the E-MEHARI to go off the main roads for adventurous journeys. In addition, equipped with side protection and all-season Cross Climate tyres with winter certification, it can easily access side roads while fully respecting the environment.

The electric drivetrain is powered by a latest-generation lithium metal polymer LMP battery. It is robust and weather-resistant with testing of more than 150 million kilometres. Full recharging can be completed between 10.5 hours and 16.5 hours, depending on the charging facility. The vehicle can reach a top speed of 110 km/h and strong acceleration is readily available with up to 166 Nm of torque. Based on the NEDC standard, a combined range of up to 195 kms is possible.

The interior features a dashboard with body-coloured trim and seats that lend the car a more contemporary look, while Easy Entry access makes getting into the back seats easier. Citroen’s interior designers also provide occupants with an environment less susceptible to dirt through its new black design scheme and additional storage spaces ingeniously positioned on the central console and door panels. Further nods to the world of travel include the strap decorating the dashboard insert and the straps on the door handles.

Practical and designed for all needs, it can be locked and unlocked in complete ease using an RFID keychain. Motorists simply place the key chain in front of the scanner on the lower part of the windscreen to remove the charging socket before starting the car.

While the original Mehari had minimum safety features – which was acceptable in its time – cars sold in the 21st century must provide s sufficient level of protection for the occupants. The E-MEHARI has the basic active and passive safety systems required and has been rated 3 stars by EuroNCAP after recent crash-testing and assessment.

Built in France, the E-MEHARI is the first electric vehicle to earn ‘Origine France Guaranteed’ (French Origin Guaranteed) certification. To be certified, the product must have a minimum of 50% of added value that is of French origin, and its essential characteristics must have been created in France. Presently available only in France, the E-MEHARI’S price starts from €19,500 (about RM93,500) for the Soft Top version and €20,700 (about RM99,300) for the Hard Top version.

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