Team Proton R3 took the Overall Champion title at the Sepang 1000-km (S1K) Endurance Race 2017 (S1K) this weekend, beating strong contenders from the Maxxoil Mayhem Team and Tedco Racing who were using Honda and Suzuki models.

After a great start, Admi Shahrul and James Veerapen, in their No. 82 Proton Suprima S R3, finished way ahead of the past year’s S1K champions, Tengku Djan Ley and Keifli Othman, to claim the victory. Car No. 81, a Proton Iriz R3 driven by Syafiq Ali and Farique Hairuman, finished in 5th place after the long and gruelling 171 laps of the race at the Sepang International Circuit.

“Team PROTON R3 demonstrated commendable teamwork after being absent from the S1k race last year. We have an excellent team of racers, engineers and technical staff who are totally dedicated to the development of Proton R3 cars and motorsports, and I am so proud of what they have achieved tonight. The preparation, planning and risk analysis plays an important role, apart from having good cars to start with and Petronas as our loyal supporter,” said Dr. Li Chunrong, Proton’s CEO.

“Many of the motorsports fans are aware that Proton cars have superior ride and handling, and that our cars can withstand the grit and challenges of an endurance race. Proton cars are reliable and tough, and tonight our experienced drivers know how much they can push the cars to its best capability. The team displayed a good endurance race which resulted in a superb come-back to motorsports. This is certainly a good turning point for Proton,” he added.

“We shall continue to put in place good strategy for our cars for better performance and durability, so that our customers receive the best ownership experience. With a good team, we strive to do better in the endurance race next year too,” Dr. Li said.

For those who want to own a highly capable car which can win races (with the appropriate preparation, of course), Proton’s Amazing 5 Value promotion is still on. This promotion offers free scheduled maintenance for up to 5 years (or a maximum of 100,000 kms travelled after first registration) which helps reduce motoring costs. There’s also a warranty of 5 years/150,000 kms, whichever occurs first. The promotion also offers savings of up to RM8,000, depending on the model purchased.

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