A specially designed extra-tall trailer was required as two giraffes were delivered to their new home.

Harriet, seven, and 14-year-old Keisha are said to be settling in well at Blair Drummond Safari Park, near Stirling in Scotland.

The pair arrived after travelling around 320 miles from Twycross Zoo in Atherstone, Warwickshire. Their travelling trailer was designed in the Netherlands with giraffes in mind and has a mobile roof that can be adjusted to reach 20ft.

US billionaire Larry Ellison plans to turn a Hawaiian island he bought into a laboratory for experimenting with more environmentally sound ways of living.

Mr Ellison, chief executive of Oracle software, hopes to convert sea water into fresh water on the 141-square mile island of Lanai.

He also wants more electric cars on the island and hopes to increase its fruit exports to Japan and other markets.

A collision between a flock of starlings and a car on an Austrian motorway left up to 100 of the birds dead and the driver shaken but unhurt.

The birds suddenly flew from power lines above the road in western Austria downward and directly into the path of the car.

The car sustained numerous dents. Clean-up workers quickly removed the dead birds.

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