It has been an interesting week for us here at Motor Trader; a lot of changes have been put into place as we work on revamping this magazine to take it to greater heights. You would have noticed an increase in content, that is just one thing we have been working on.

While the editorial department has been busy working on the new look of the magazine, the other departments have also been working overtime. The result of their handwork? You will see a lot more of Motor Trader everywhere, some of you may have probably noticed our presence at selected petrol stations, you will also notice our presence around the country a lot more this year. This is all part of our expansion program to make Motor Trader more accessible to our readers.

On a different note, BMW have taken the top off of their new M4 and introduced the M4 convertible. The convertible has always been a hot seller and with looks like that, you can expect BMW to sell a lot more of this M model than before. Our editorial team has also been busy testing cars, and featured in this issue is the mighty Porsche Turbo S. With over 560hp, it is nearly twice as powerful as the original Turbo was, but according to our writer, it is somehow very easy to drive. I commend Porsche’s engineers and urge you to flip the pages to read the story as we conquered Sepang in the most powerful Turbo ever.

Until next week, have a pleasant read.

Kenya IkutsuKenya Ikutsu
Managing Director
Proto Malaysia

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