BRITISH drivers are happier with their cars than ever before, especially if they own a Skoda.According to new figures collected by Auto Express magazine’s annual Driver Power survey, the average satisfaction rating for a car in the top 100 was a huge 88.36%, which equates to a 7% rise since the survey’s launch in 2002.

Steve Fowler, editor-in-chief of Auto Express, said: “The UK car market is booming at the moment with over two years of consecutive growth and new car registrations up 3%, and it is no surprise given the Driver Power results. Britons are happier than ever with their cars, scoring their vehicles much more highly than in previous years.”

Skoda has done an incredible job this year, having taken the top three places with the Yeti, the Citigo and the Superb. The Yeti, which with a satisfaction rating of 92.7% just edged out the Citigo’s 92.6%, was voted easiest to drive, while the Citigo was declared the cheapest car to run.

“Skoda has done a brilliant job of building cars that people love,” continued Fowler. “The Yeti’s appeal hasn’t waned, and the company kept its latest update very simple. It’s great to see the Skoda Citigo in the top three, too – it’s a fantastic city car that appeals across many levels.”

The best-performing British car was the MG6, assembled in Longbridge, West Midlands, which received an overall satisfaction rating of 90.9% despite having sold only a few hundred units.

“The MG6 marked the dawn of a new era for the British brand and has proven very popular with owners,” said Fowler.

The Driver Power survey asks owners to rate their vehicles on build quality, reliability, performance and more. This year, the survey received more than 50,000 responses.

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