Different people have different responses while travelling in a car. While many can enjoy the journey whether cruising along a highway or feeling the forces during cornering on a twisty mountain road, there are also those who have motion sickness. In fact, with smartphones or tablets, there is a greater chance of motion sickness (also known as kinetosis) occurring as people read them.

Usually, some try to just sleep it off or take medication… or just endure the misery. Now Citroen offers a unique solution that is said to eliminate the unpleasantness.

SEETROEN are the first glasses that can provide the relief and the principle is simple: they contain a coloured liquid that recreates the horizon line to resolve conflict between the senses. Having learned of a solution initially developed for sailors, Citroen researchers decided to extend its use to the general public – on boats as well as in cars and buses and on planes – by creating the SEETROEN glasses. They incorporate Boarding Ring technology developed by the start-up of the same name based in the south of France. The patented and tested paramedical solution has an efficacy rating of 95%.

Equipped with moving liquid in the rings around the eyes, both along the frontal axis (right/left) and sagittal axis (front/back), the glasses recreate the horizon line to resolve the conflict between the senses that causes the affliction. They only need to be worn for 10 to 12 minutes to eliminate the feeling of motion sickness, it is claimed.

For the design of the glasses, Citroen called on 5.5, a collective design studio based in Paris, which has successfully incorporated the brand’s fresh, simple and ergonomic style. The result is a pair of glasses with a high-tech look in white soft-touch plastic.

The glasses are glassless, so they can be shared by all the family and travelling companions. They can also be worn over other glasses and used by adults and children over the age of 10. The glasses are now on sale in Europe at the price of 99 euros (about RM475) on Citroen’s lifestyle webstore.

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