First official image of the second generation of the K9

Kia Motors has announced that its flagship luxury sedan, the K900, will move into the second generation this year. It’s not clear if the model will make an appearance at the Geneva Motor Show next month but the Korean carmaker says it will go on sale from the second quarter of 2018.

The new model is said to combine sophisticated exterior design, effortless performance and a spacious cabin distinguished by luxurious materials and elegant styling. New technologies protect occupants, enhance interior comfort and give the driver greater confidence at the wheel.

Current K900 (also known as K9 and Quoris) which has been on sale since late 2012.

While the first K900, also known as the K9/Quoris and launched in 2012, was developed as a largely Korean effort, for this new generation, there have been joint efforts by Kia’s designers in Korea and in the USA, probably to ensure that the car is more appealing to the North American market where it has not done as well as expected. That’s not surprising since it has been pitched against established luxury rivals like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW 7-Series and Audi A8. While the Kia brand is strong and respected, it doesn’t have the same appeal in the upper reaches of the market yet.

The current K9 shares the same platform with the Hyundai Genesis and it’s likely that the new generation will continue likewise since the volumes would not be big enough to justify a separate platform. Kia has also not offered a righthand drive version of the model, with the explanation that the potential volume from RHD markets is not sufficiently large. It can be assumed that a RHD version will still not be available as Kia has mentioned that the model will be available only in ‘selected global markets’.

Though not sold in Malaysia, Motor Trader had an opportunity to test the K900 in Korea in 2012. For our impressions of the flagship model, click here.

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