The Honda Brio has gone into its second generation, with the global premiere of the new model taking place at the Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) 2018. Produced by Honda’s Indonesian subsidiary, the Brio was first launched in 2012 and to date, 237,272 units of the models have been sold in Indonesia.

It is also produced in India and Thailand for those markets as well as for exports to some countries. However, the model has not been offered in Malaysia as its pricing would not be competitive enough against the Malaysian models in the same segment. But the BR-V, which sits on an extended  platform of the Brio, is sold in Malaysia and has been doing very well.

The new Brio has changes said ‘to revolutionize all aspects of the previous generation to be an above-class vehicle based on the needs of its customers’. The Indonesian version has also received specific features which meet the tastes of customers in that market.

The Small RS Concept prototype previewed the looks of the new Brio earlier and the production model is pretty much similar, with a less bulbous appearance. Several changes have been applied to emphasize dynamic and sporty design. It also has a more spacious and functional cabin as well as additional luggage space.

With the update to the first generation in 2016 having already upgraded the Brio significantly, the Large Project Leader, Tsutomo Harano, must have felt that there is no necessity just yet to alter the cabin appointments. So the new Brio interior has many carryover items and looks with minor changes to details.

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