SATELLITE navigation is now the most popular optional extra on Nissan vans in the UK, according to new data.

Nissan’s latest Van Report study has found that 45% of van drivers and 40% of fleet operators now regard sat-nav as an essential upgrade on a new van, ahead of parking sensors, Bluetooth and vehicle tracking devices.

The news suggests that firms are striving harder than ever to maximise efficiency on the road, and with modern sat-navs’ ability to re-route a driver to avoid traffic jams, companies can save time and money where it would otherwise be wasted.

More than 80% of drivers surveyed as part of the Van Report cover more than 200 miles per day. Three quarters of fleet operators are actively looking for ways to save on fuel costs.

Nissan has put forward the suggestion that fitting sat-nav as standard on new vans would be an incentive many buyers would find impossible to ignore. With debate raging in the European parliament as to whether to force van makers to fit speed limiters to their vans as standard, efficiency could become yet more important in the near future.

Barry Beeston, corporate sales director at Nissan GB, said: “We are always keen to find out what our customers are looking for and what they want in a van; so while this research is quite light-hearted, it does have a serious side which feeds into the development for future commercial vehicle products, as we are focused on delivering what our customers want.”

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