Women drivers are generally more vulnerable to be targeted by criminals and aggressive drivers on the road. Here are the best 8 tips to prevent you from disaster out there:

1. Put your handbag out of sight

Most of us place our handbag where it’s easy to reach like the place between the driver’s seat and the passenger seat or on the passenger seat. However, having your handbags there makes it visible to other people and makes it easy for snatch thieves. Instead of putting it on the seats, place your handbag out of sight like underneath your seat or underneath the passenger seat. As the saying goes, out of sight out of mind and when they can’t see it, they can’t plan on snatching it.

2. Have a spare flats in the car

Some women love wearing heels or wedges because they are of course fashionable and beautiful. When 
it comes to driving however, these fashion wear can be dangerous. Some heels and wedges have thick soles that minimise your feet’s sensitivity to the pedals.

When you’re driving, stepping on the right pedal can determine between life and death. Don’t take that risk. If you have to wear heels, change into your flats or slippers while driving and once you’ve reached your destination, put on your favourite shoes.

3. Hold your keys in hand before even walking to the car

Car keys can be used as a self-defence weapon when gripped between your fingers. To do so, place the key between your fingers and close your hand into a strong punching grip. The pointy keys will do well to harm your attacker, allowing you to run for safety.

4. Park close to the crowd

Most shopping malls have designated parking bay for solo female drivers and they’re often close to the entrance or guarded. This is to help protect single female drivers getting to their car safely. If you’re not in a mall, park closer to the crowd or find a place that has high visibility.
If you have to park in a secluded area, inform your friend and
 ask them to pick you up or walk with you to your parking spot. In cases where no one is available, always be on high alert.

5. Don’t depend on pepper sprays

Sure pepper sprays are a good way to defend yourself if you
 are prepared with it. Most of us though keep it in our bag and 
in the case of an emergency, rummaging through the bag for pepper spray will put you in a vulnerable state to your attacker. If you are prepared with the pepper spray, put it to good use however if you don’t know where it is, don’t bother looking for it.

6. Rear mirror aren’t for make-up

We love our make-up whether it’s eyeliners or lipstick and some of us love putting it on while we’re stuck in traffic with the help of the rear mirror. 
Rear mirrors are there to help you see the traffic behind you and when you focus it to your face; you’ll fail to focus on what’s behind your car. On top of that, applying make-up takes focus and when you’re driving you should only be focusing on the road.

Don’t risk a collision or crooked eyeliner. If you’re late for work, focus on getting to the office first and apply your make up once you are parked. It’s better to arrive bare faced than not arriving at all.

7. Unlock your car at the door

Car alarms allow us to unlock our car as we leave the building or before we reach the car for convenience. However, it doesn’t always work in your favour as it allows thieves to identify your car and attack. If you are on your own, only unlock your car upon reaching. This way, you can immediately get in and lock the door before driving away.

8. Stay calm if you feel like you are being followed

In any occasion where you are driving alone and you feel like you are being followed, stay calm. Use your rear mirror to identify the car’s registration number and take as much information in as you can like the car type and colour.

Next, try to identify the nearest police station or the nearest public spot. The best thing 
to do is to drive to the police station as this will immediately cause the perpetrator the drive away. Parking in a public spot will also stop them from planning anything malicious in the fear of being spotted. Don’t drive home as this will allow them to identify where you live.

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