Rolls-Royce built its very last Phantom VII yesterday. Commissioned by an unnamed collector, the one of a kind long wheelbase model is themed around 1930s-era ships, which was also the theme for the original 1925 Phantom I.


The ‘Blue Velvet’ colour of the car too is a nod towards the oceanic influence as is the interior. The interior features marquetry wood trim, which is what Rolls-Royce cars are known for. The dashboard of the last Phantom showcases a 30s-era ship with a map of North America and Europe in the background.

The last Phantom VII

Other oceanic hints include dash clocks modelled after ship radios, and seat embroidery that mimic ocean waves. The clock on the dashboard too has a moveable bezel to display up to 24 different time zones, while the carpeting of the car too has been cut to look like a ship’s wake. The production line of the Phantom VII will also come to a close after 13 years as the next model will feature an all-new aluminium structure.

Last Rolls-Royce Phantom

So while the current generation of the Rolls-Royce Phantom has officially come to a close, the Phantom name will carry on with the next generation. There have already been numerous sightings of the Phantom VIII out testing, and Rolls-Royce has made no secret that a successor is just around the corner. You can expect the next generation model to be unveiled sometime this year in short and long-wheelbase models to start with.

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