If you’ve been to an autoshow before or seen videos online you know that autoshow showgirls and autoshow is pretty much like a car and its tyres – you can’t have one without the other. However, have you ever thought of why car manufacturers and event planners insist on having these ladies during car shows?

As an outsider you might think that these ladies are just there to look pretty however they do more than that. Here are some reasons why autoshow girls are important at any car events.

As part of an interactive displays

While cars are usually attractive enough, most car dealers are hesitant of letting the audiences interact with a car without supervision as they might not know which buttons to touch and they might damage the interior. Having showgirls will give audiences a different way of interacting with the display – it adds the human element.

To keep an eye on the product

Frankfurt Motor Show girls

As mentioned above, leaving a car on display without supervision can be daunting for car manufacturers as their cars might get damaged. When they assign their showgirls to stand close to the car, they have some peace knowing that these ladies will keep an eye on their prized possession. You might say a security guard would suffice but having securities tend to scare away spectators whereas showgirls have a friendlier persona.

To represent their brand in a different way

Have you ever noticed that each showgirl representing different car brands dressed up in a different way? This is another way a car manufacturer can represent their brand. Ferrari, for example, is known for its red colour and luxury approach whereas Toyota tends to go for softer colours and a friendlier approach.

That being said, more car manufacturers are making changes to their usage of autoshow girls at car events; some are even getting rid of autoshow girls completely. Because of the global #MeToo Movement against sexual harassment, most automakers are trying to stray away from the old move of using attractive females to sell cars to males – after all, current research shows a huge growth in female auto buyers.

Lexus, for example, has pledged that they will stop using female models altogether whereas Toyota and Nissan are making the move to ensure that their showgirls will not be dressed in a fashion that is too provocative.

Times have changed and it’s time we sell cars without using women. What do you think about showgirls in autoshows? Are they necessary?

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