Last week, the price of a litre of RON95 petrol went up by 1 sen while RON97 petrol didn’t change. After midnight today, both grades will see lower prices at the pumps with RON95 petrol being 3 sen cheaper at RM2.18 a litre while RON97 petrol will be 2 sen cheaper, or RM2.45 a litre.

The revision puts RON95 petrol at its second lowest level to date in 2018. The lowest price in 2018 has been RM2.17 which was at the end of February. As for RON97, at RM2.45 a litre, it’s less than the average for 2018 so far which is RM2.52 a litre.

Diesel gets a 1 sen drop again, same as last week, so it’s going to be RM2.16 for a litre of the Euro2M grade and RM2.26 for the much cleaner Euro5 grade that has very, very low levels of sulphur. Engines run better with less sulphur and it’s also better for the atmosphere.

Fuel-saving tip: Most cars now have automatic transmissions so you generally can’t do much about selecting gears although some automatic transmissions have a manual mode for that purpose when you feel like doing it yourself.

Many of the more recent cars also come with an ‘economy’ mode which helps to stretch each litre of fuel when you switch it on. The mode, when activated, will prioritise fuel-saving by adjusting throttle response, air-conditioning and other aspects which have an effect on fuel consumption. Use this mode as much as you can so you can enjoy better fuel economy and save money.

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