Buying a used or pre-owned vehicle does make financial sense but when it comes to inspection, most of us consumers will have our minds filled with doubt of what we may get into when buying a used car, for not knowing what the previous owner may have done to the vehicle. Fret no more, as Goo KANTEI is here to help! 

Japan’s leading and most trusted vehicle inspection service is now in Malaysia. The name ‘Goo KANTEI’ is a combination of the words ‘Goo’ and ‘KANTEI’; ‘Goo’ is a brand of PROTO Corporation, a Japanese company listed in the Tokyo Stock Exchange and currently runs one of the largest used car classified media, Goo Magazine and Goo-net in Japan, and KANTEI is a Japanese word meaning ‘inspection, verification, check, and appraisal’. 

Now, the one question that would spring to mind would be: what is Goo KANTEI? It is a service offered by Car Credo, PROTO Corporation’s biggest subsidiary. Its top-notch expertise has been used for hundreds of thousands of Goo KANTEI vehicle inspections for both used and pre-owned vehicles in Japan since 2006. By doing so, Goo KANTEI strives to establish a positive reputation for both buyers and dealers alike. 

Watan Motor Credit Sdn Bhd in Malaysia not only brings in bespoke newly used cars but is also one of the pioneering private import car dealers to employ Goo KANTEI inspection services., The majority of the cars imported by Watan Motor Credit are of European brands, and some of them are virtually brand new with very low mileage. However, they are not excluded from the sharp and attentive eyes of Goo KANTEI’s certified inspectors from Japan.

Like artisans, Goo KANTEI’s qualified inspector looks for any form of defects, be it wear and tear to signs of poor damage repairs that may have been done. Once the car’s exterior, interior and vital components are inspected thoroughly, the inspector prepares a certificate that contains his unbiased evaluation and rating of the vehicle. In the case of an Audi S5 which we observed being inspected, a full 5-star rating was given. 

Goo KANTEI assures that its inspections will give you complete confidence that the car you’ve got your eyes on is mechanically and structurally sound. Up to 344 points are checked by certified and experienced inspectors and these comprehensive inspections are followed up with results shown on a certificate that are easy to understand. 

When looking for a used or pre-owned vehicle, you will want to make sure that the vehicle is roadworthy and safe to drive without the inconveniences of spending more on repairs and compromising safety. Bias-free inspections authorised by the Japan Automobile Appraisal Association will give you a worry-free car buying experience. So you should choose a vehicle that has been inspected and certified by Goo KANTEI to give you the peace of mind when buying the vehicle. Get the peace of mind you need when buying a used car with a Goo KANTEI. vehicle inspection.

[Bryan Au]

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