Driving a modified Chevrolet Sonic, television star and former professional skateboarder, Rob Dyrdek successfully gained an entry in the Guinness World Records for the Furthest Reverse Ramp Jump by a Car – 27.2 metres, roughly equivalent to the length of seven Sonics lined up nose to tail. This is the second time Dyrdek has used a Sonic to set an automotive first. In 2011. he successfully performed a 360-degree kick-flip off a ramp in the same Chevrolet model. 

“The Sonic is a great car for firsts,” Dyrdek said. “I have always been a Chevy guy, so when we decided we wanted to set a Guinness World Record for the finale of ‘Fantasy Factory,’ using the Sonic again just made sense.”

Dyrdek performed the stunt before spectators at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California, while MTV filmed the jump for the season finale of “Fantasy Factory”. To qualify for a Guinness World Record, Dyrdek had to successfully land the Sonic on the catch ramp and be able to drive away from the stunt.

With all high-speed action stunts, safety is a priority. The Chevrolet Sonic, with front air bags and a tough body structure (with high-strength steel in many areas), was a good choice. “We take extra care and precautions with each and every stunt we create,” said Elia Popov, owner of J.E.M. F/X Inc. “Rob is always willing to try anything once and for this backwards jump, we felt confident that the Sonic would keep him safe.”

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