Following some remarks concerning Proton’s special offer of a discount on vehicle purchases by members of the Federation of Hokkien Association of Malaysia, Proton has issued a statement to clarify the matter which was reported in the Nanyang Siang Pau yesterday

The statement says that the carmaker currently has a special discount policy for corporate sales and fleet sales customers. It is a common business practice in the automotive industry to offer corporate sales discounts based on bulk purchase and fleet sales since large numbers of vehicles are purchased.

It’s just like when you go to a hypermarket and buy a bundle of 10 instant noodle packets at one go – the price per unit would usually be cheaper than if you bought just one packet alone from a convenience store. Such discounting is common in virtually all industries which is why it pays to buy in bulk if you can afford it as you can save money.

While at an event with Federation of Hokkien Association of Malaysia, Proton’s CEO  Dr. Li Chunrong had confirmed such an offer which is part of the special corporate sales arrangement for fleet sales customers. However, he was reported as saying that ‘any Malaysian from the Fujian province of China would get a preferential price on purchases of new Protons’ and perhaps this was misunderstood by some parties.

Proton stresses that this offer was to the organisation and is not a special case. “The Federation of Hokkien Association of Malaysia approached us to discuss and show support to Proton with a commitment to purchase. Based on the large number of members of the association and its employees, we are able to custom make a special package that both parties have agreed upon,” the statement said.

“Currently, Proton has similar arrangements with various Malaysian cooperatives, associations, as well as major corporate organisations. In the same manner, the company welcomes enquiries from any cooperatives, organisations and associations that wish to make volume purchases which will be entitled to special pricing, subject to terms and conditions. Basically, there must be a commitment to buy a certain volume and not just expect preferential pricing to be given without the commitment.

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