55 people crammed into an Exora and got Proton a listing in the Malaysia Book of Records for ‘The Most People In An MPV’. The record was set when Proton invited participants for its ‘Ace The Space Challenge’ which was held last month. It broke another record set 17 years ago, also with a Proton, that saw 41 people in a vehicle.

The latest was achieved by the 55-member Girls Power team from Universiti Malaysia Perlis who had 10 minutes to get as many people as possible inside the Exora. They beat two other all-female teams that each put 53 bodies inside the MPV.

The whole event saw 25 teams taking part with a total of 669 participants. In the qualifying rounds, the smaller Ertiga MPV was used to determine state winners who would go on to compete in the finals. The highest number in the Ertiga was 41, by Team GKL from UiTM.

Definitely not recommended if you are driving the Exora on public roads!

The Ertiga and Exora used for the event were on display at the MBR Live! Roadshow and members of the public were invited to experience the challenge by getting as many people as possible inside the same vehicle.

“Proton is promoting the ‘Malaysia Boleh!’ spirit while, at the same time, reminding car buyers about the value inherent in every Proton car. With 55 people in the MPV, this shows the quality and strength of the Exora that rises to every occasion!” said Abdul Rashid Musa, CEO of Proton Edar.

For those who may have forgotten about the specs of this Proton MPV, it has 1.6-litre turbocharged engine which produces 138 ps/205 Nm which is mated to a CVT. Safety system include Electronic Stability Control, Traction Control, and ABS with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution for more stable stopping in emergencies.

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