Harald Hoelzl, MD of BMW Group Malaysia, understands that stepping into a car dealership can be an intimidating experience for customers as they may feel pressured into making purchasing decisions before being allowed to familiarise themselves fully with the products. This may deter some from venturing through the doors, a loss of opportunity for the dealership to present the products to them.

For this reason, Mr. Hoelzl says that BMW Malaysia has come up with the BMW Product Genius Programme where the Product Geniuses are on hand to provide customers highly personalised interactions and taking pressure away when they visit the dealership.

“In addition to being a friendly face, the Product Genius is equipped with the expertise to explain and demonstrate the use of each feature and function of a BMW vehicle, and offer insights on product benefits suited to a particular customer’s specific needs. Overall, BMW Product Geniuses occupy a key role as neutral customer consultants, ambassadors for the brand, and knowledge touchpoints within the dealership,” Mr. Hoelzl explained.

BMW Product Geniuses are meticulously selected and trained within select dealerships under the close guidance of BMW Malaysia, before qualifying as BMW product and brand experts. Their role complements that of a Sales Advisor as they are focused on acquainting customers with every aspect of the BMW vehicle portfolio, from conducting needs analyses, product presentations to facilitating test drives.

In the pilot programme last year, the first batch of BMW Product Geniuses were successfully trained and deployed in early December to three dealerships in Klang Valley.

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