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Fuel prices Oct 2

Goodyear DuraplusFuel prices are back on the rise again as all grades of both petrol and diesel will cost more in the coming 7 days. Pump prices for petrol are back to what they were at the end of last month with RON95 costing RM2.19 (+3 sen) and RON97 costing RM2.49 (+3 sen) again.

After midnight today, diesel will cost RM2.17 a litre for the Euro-2M grade which is available at every station. This is an increase of 5 sen over the previous 7 days and likewise, for the cleaner Euro-5 grade, the price will be RM2.27 a litre. The extra 10 sen for Euro-5 diesel will be worth it as the engine will run more efficiently due to the extremely low levels of sulphur. You’ll also be doing the environment a favour.

Looking at the average pump prices that motorists have been paying this year, the latest prices are 8 sen higher and 10 sen higher for RON95 and RON97 petrol, respectively. Diesel now costs 13 sen higher than the average up till last week.

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