Seven years ago, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia introduced Proven Exclusivity, the brand name for the pre-owned Mercedes-Benz business. It promised to offer the highest quality in used Mercedes-Benz vehicles, giving customers the option of owning a car with The Star for a lower outlay. The business didn’t seem to be promoted much and in the early stages, it seemed that stocks of pre-owned units were low.

Now, Proven Exclusivity has been rebranded rebranded ‘Mercedes-Benz Certified’ and gains a bigger push. “To us, automotive excellence goes beyond the vehicles. It includes the entire customer experience. Here, in this dedicated facility for Mercedes-Benz Certified vehicles, our customers can count on our nine customer promises which caters to their needs and affordability,” said Dr Claus Weidner, President & CEO of Mercedes-Benz Malaysia.

Vehicles under the Mercedes-Benz Certified programme are sourced exclusively from authorized Mercedes-Benz dealers throughout Malaysia. Where the previous programme has set the limit at 5 years, now they must not be older than 6 years and clocked less than 125,000 kms (previously not more than 100,000 kms). The extension could be that the vehicles are better built and longer-lasting nowadays…

Needless to say, there should be no identifiable structural damage and there must be a service record. This would mean that the vehicles must only have been serviced and maintained by authorized Mercedes-Benz service centres with only original parts are used.

For customers’ peace of mind, all vehicles under the Mercedes-Benz Certified programme are prepared to fulfil the same criteria, in order to offer customers strong reasons why they should choose a Mercedes-Benz Certified vehicle.

Firstly, each vehicle undergoes a rigorous 215 multi-point inspection by certified technicians who also drive them to ascertain their performance. Customers can test drive the Mercedes-Benz Certified vehicles and have the option to trade-in their existing vehicle when purchasing a Mercedes-Benz Certified vehicle.

Each vehicle purchases will be covered by a 12-month warranty extension with unlimited mileage above the remaining manufacturer warranty. On top of that, vehicles under the Mercedes-Benz Certified programme also come with finance and insurance services offered, just as with purchases of brand new vehicles. In fact, the aftersales support available to Mercedes-Benz certified customers is pretty much the same as those who buy brand new vehicles; after all, they too are part of the Mercedes-Benz family.

Various dealerships will have Mercedes-Benz Certified vehicles to offer and the largest Mercedes-Benz Certified standalone pre-owned vehicle centre in Malaysia is at Hap Seng Star Kinrara, Selangor. This facility will have up to 100 vehicles to choose from.

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