While most new vehicles sold today come with comprehensive and advanced infotainment systems, there are still many older models which did not have the features available today and for those motorists, there are still aftermarket products which they can install in their vehicles.

For example, Pioneer Electronics (which celebrates its 80th anniversary this year) offers a range of infotainment units that are comparable in terms of features and the latest is the new AVH-Z9150BT multimedia receiver. This is the first receiver in Pioneer’s line-up to support Apple CarPlay over wired USB and wireless, as well as Wi-Fi Certified Miracast wireless mirroring for selected Android phones. Its wifi connectivity is specifically designed to support a cable-free connection between the driver or passenger’s smartphone and the receiver.

“Every year, manufacturers release more electronics with a host of different connectivity options. In turn, drivers everywhere will expect their car infotainment systems to keep up with the latest trends and features.” said Takao Chiba, Deputy General Manager of Business Planning and Marketing Division, Pioneer Electronics Asia Centre. “Today, consumers have grown accustomed to the uninterrupted freedom that Bluetooth and Wi-Fi bring to connectivity. As such, we have designed our new leading product to transform the in-car experience to offer unparalleled, seamless wireless connectivity, along with all the well-loved features Pioneer users cherish.”

Apart from supporting Apple CarPlay, the AVH-Z9150BT’s built-in wifi capabilities also enable drivers using selected Android phones to enjoy the benefits of clutter-free wireless technology. With Wi-Fi Certified Miracast support, drivers can wirelessly mirror their Android phone’s screen onto the receiver’s touchscreen display. This allows them to use virtually all their phone apps – such as navigation, messaging and music apps – on the bigger screen of the AVH-Z9150BT without the mess of cables and connectors.

Other hardware and wired connectivity enhancements which complement the new wireless features include a big 7-inch capacitive touchscreen, similar in appearance and feel to the premium screens found on flagship smartphones and tablets. Compared to its predecessor’s resistive screen, the AVH-Z9150BT’s capacitive touchscreen looks even brighter and sharper, with more sensitivity, multi-touch support, and is said to be easier to operate with a new Graphical User Interface.

Passengers will also appreciate the dual zone functionality, a convenient feature that allows play audio to be played from two sources simultaneously. While the driver can tune in to driving directions or podcasts, kids in the back seat can play the music they like at the same time without any disruption.

While the AVH-Z9150BT has been designed with the most cutting-edge of wireless technologies, the company has made it a point to support popular forms of storage while retaining the most loved features of previous generation receivers. As such, the AVH-Z9150BT features a new SD card slot which supports cards up to 32GB in capacity and has a HDMI port as well as two USB ports with quick charging for Android and iOS devices. In addition, the AVH-Z9150BT retains ports for AUX cables, RGB peripherals and microphones, along with support for back-up cameras and other accessories.

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