For those who may feel sad that exciting and powerful cars will soon be just memories or museum pieces, the good news is that it is unlikely to be that drastic… at least not for many more decades. Even as the carmakers move towards electrically-powered cars, there will still be an element of performance and we can see this with some models even now. Extremely high performance will also continue to be pursued and a few companies have already shown the hypercars they are developing which will be available in the next decade.

The latest is Automobili Pininfarina, the Italian studio that has been well known for its supercar designs for brands like Ferrari and Maserati as well as styling models for Alfa Romeo, Peugeot, Fiat and Lancia. Now owned by India’s Mahindra Group (since 2015), Pininfarina is working on a new luxury hypercar codenamed ‘PF0’.

“Pininfarina has an unprecedented heritage of delivering cars that are both beautiful to look at and technically innovative. Creating this combination in the first Pininfarina-branded road car is a dream come true. The design of PF0 will espouse purity, beauty and innovation,” said Luca Borgogno, its Design Director.

For now, the company has released three sketches of what the hypercar will look like. Extreme levels of technology and functional design lie beneath the stunning styling of the exterior, with ‘staggering performance for a road car’ being promised. The aim is to achieve a 0 to 100 km/h time of less than 2 seconds and to exceed 400 km/h.

The numbers are not impossible for a conventional powertrain with turbocharging and powerful engines but the PF0 will be electrically powered and its occupants will be able to go at least 480 kms on just electric power, emitting no emissions and little noise too. Other technical details remain secret at this time.

“PF0 is borne from the 50 year old dream of Battista ‘Pinin’ Farina, to see a stand-alone Pininfarina-branded range of cars that are both beautiful and technologically advanced. PF0 will deliver enormous power and driver thrills in abundance,” promised Michael Perschke, CEO of Automobili Pininfarina.

Automobili Pininfarina has a plan to sustainably develop and produce fully-electric ultra-luxury cars in low volumes at the pinnacle of design and desirability in their respective segments. North America is likely to be its largest market for sales given the passionate interest in both electric-power and Pininfarina-designed cars. So the company is now engaging with prospective retailer partners as it seeks to deliver world-class client care as part of its specialist vehicle ownership strategy.

“Clients of PF0 and the future portfolio of Automobili Pininfarina luxury cars will find ownership as enjoyable, effortless and exciting as it is driving them. We fully intend to partner with the world’s best luxury car retailers in order to help deliver on that promise: a true team effort and one-to-one experience that online sales can never deliver,” said Mr. Perschke.

“We plan to enhance the important partnerships we are developing with these retailers by inviting them and their clients to personalise PF0 experiences during Monterey Car Week in August this year. These briefings will be by invitation only and will be the first time prospective customers have the opportunity to view our ground-breaking, beautiful hypercar ahead of production in 2020.”

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