Peugeot Automobiles has made the decision to use Malaysia as its regional hub from which it will spearhead its expansion in the ASEAN region. The decision was announced during the World Peugeot Conference currently being held where distributors from around the world are being told about the company’s future direction and given a preview of models to be launched.

Having seen Naza’s strong commitment to build up the brand in Malaysia, Peugeot will work with the Naza Group to realize its plans to make Malaysia its regional hub. The choice of Naza, which was appointed Peugeot distributor in January 2008, was not surprising since the company had boosted sales to 3,766 units in 2009 and accounted for 86% of the Peugeot vehicles sold in ASEAN.

As part of Peugeot’s plans to expand its presence in the region and the importance of Malaysia to the French carmaker, the French company will soon expand its ASEAN Regional Office in Selangor  to coordinate operations for the entire Asia-Pacific region (excluding China). Peugeot’s ASEAN Regional Office in Malaysia also runs an ASEAN training centre and technical help desk for after-sales technicians in the Asia-Pacific region and the Middle East.


Award-winning Peugeot 308 – best-seller in Malaysia

A Peugeot dealership in Kuala Lumpur

Peugeot’s plans for Malaysia and the region was conveyed by Peugeot’s Director of Asia Pacific and Africa International Operations, Jean-Yves Dossal, to Naza Group’s joint executive chairman, SM Nasarudin SM Nasimuddin in Paris during the World Peugeot Conference.

 “We are confident we can make Malaysia Peugeot’s regional hub. For this year, we will launch 4 models locally and ramp up exports of our Peugeot vehicles assembled  at our plant in Kedah to other parts of the region,” said Encik SM Nasarudin.

For 2010, the group aims to sell 2,930 Peugeot cars in Malaysia, which will include a new  entry-level, the 207 Sedan (codenamed T33) which will be assembled in the Kedah plant.


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