Having the right air pressures in the tyres is important as under-inflation or over-inflation will affect grip and handling which, in turn, affects driving safety. Tyre life will also be reduced so you do not enjoy the maximum mileage the tyre company designed the tyre for (Goodyear’s Duraplus tyres are engineered to be able to last up to 100,000 kms, for example).

Motorists are often advised to check the tyre pressures, especially before embarking on a long journey as well as periodically, perhaps once a fortnight. Checking the pressures will help detect leaks earlier as some leaks occur slowly. As the tyre’s pressure drops, it may start to wear out a bit faster and as the pressure loss becomes greater, the driver may even find the car pulling to one side.

While regular checks will help detect such issues, you never know when a nail might penetrate the tyre while you are driving and air starts leaking out. It may be slow or it may result in a sudden deflation which means you have to stop and change the tyre.

On more expensive models, there are now tyre pressure monitoring systems which will alert the driver if one tyre’s pressure is below what is normal. Now, for those who own Perodua vehicles, the same feature can also be installed in their cars. Perodua has introduced the GearUp Smart Bluetooth TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) which allows users to keep track of their vehicle’s tyre pressures in real-time.

The system comprises 4 individual tyre sensors and an in-car smart device. The tyre sensors, which screw onto the tyre valves (in place of the valve caps) transmit information via Bluetooth to a device installed in the car. This device has 4 lights representing the four tyres of the vehicle. If the pressure on any of the tyres falls below 8% of the recommended values, a beeping sound will be emitted and the corresponding lights will come on as well, alerting the driver to which tyres are underinflated.

Additionally, the user can download the FOBO Tyre mobile app (available for iOS 7.1 and Android 4.3 and above) and get real-time data on the tyre pressures and even tyre temperatures via Bluetooth. The app also stores the data in the cloud for the viewing of other invited users, such as family members. For instance, a user at home can monitor the information in real-time while the vehicle is being driven by another family member or friend.

To prevent theft, the individual tyre sensors can be locked using a lock nut spanner (included with the package). The in-car device has a built-in motion sensor; when it detects no motion, it can go into sleep mode to save battery. The tyre sensors are powered by coin-cell batteries while the in-car device is powered by two AA batteries.

The system is offered at an introductory price of RM385 until June 30, after which it will be priced at RM430 (Peninsular Malaysia price). As with all GearUp accessories, a 6-month warranty is offered.

“With the Perodua GearUp Smart Bluetooth TPMS, Perodua has become the first carmaker in Malaysia to introduce a mobile app-enabled tyre pressure monitoring system as an original accessory,” said Perodua Sales Sdn Bhd MD, Dato’ Dr Zahari Husin, adding that the system is locally developed and manufactured. “We at Perodua take pride in championing a home-grown product and in doing so, contributing to the local automotive ecosystem.”

“This is the second GearUp product to be released under our Road Safety Campaign initiative which was launched last October, the first being the Child Seats,” said Dato’ Dr Zahari.

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To locate a Perodua outlet where GearUp accessories and other products and services can be obtained, visit www.perodua.com.my.

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