Perodua started off 2018 with a great first month delivering 17,693 units to customers all around Malaysia. More significantly, this volume is likely to represent a market share of 40% or more, based on the company’s own estimation of the Total Industry Volume (TIV) of new vehicles for the month being almost 44,000 units. The actual number will only be available around the middle of the month when the Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) releases its summary.

“While we defer to the Malaysian Automotive Association’s numbers, we are cautiously optimistic that for January 2018, our monthly market share is the highest ever in our history. This was spurred by deliveries of the new Myvi, as well as continued strong demand for our other models,” Perodua’s President & CEO, Datuk (Dr) Aminar Rashid Salleh, told the media and business partners at the company’s Chinese New Year luncheon today.

He added that all Perodua models retained their leads in their respective segments in Malaysia. By model, during January, the company delivered 9,029 Myvis, 4,085 Axias, 2,776 Bezzas and 1,803 Alzas. Almost 20,000 units of the new Myvi have been delivered to date and there are still over 28,000 people waiting for the car they have booked.

So far, the 1.5-litre variants have been in greatest demand and those who ordered them have to wait a few months although Perodua is doing its best to increase output as much as possible.

“To those who have placed orders for the new Myvi and have yet to receive their cars, we sincerely apologise for the wait. Rest assured that we are ramping up production to get the cars to you as quickly as we can. The Perodua Manufacturing Sdn Bhd plant will continue to work overtime until demand stabilises,” Datuk (Dr) Aminar said.

On the strong demand for the 1.5-litre variants, in contrast to previous years when the 1.3-litre variant sold more, Perodua Sales Sdn Bhd’s MD, Dato’ Dr Zahari Husin, said that a study of the customer profiles indicated that many of the buyers are not ‘traditional Perodua buyers’; in other words, they have come from other brands. Many have also replaced their Myvi with the new and better one.

Wong Wai Cheng, 25, from Negeri Sembilan (centre) received his new Myvi today and is the 18,000th buyer of the new model. He was presented a mock key by Perodua President &CEO, Datuk (Dr) Aminar Rashid Salleh (left) and Perodua Sales Sdn Bhd MD Dato’ Dr Zahari Husin (right).

“This performance has been a great boost to the Malaysian automotive ecosystem as the better-than-expected demand for our latest offering as well as our current model line-up have resulted in better demand for local parts,” added Datuk (Dr) Aminar.

He revealed that Perodua plans to purchase more than RM5 billion in components and parts this year from mainly local vendors for Perodua models which have over 90% local content. While management of costs and lowering them is important, Perodua works closely with its suppliers to help them bring costs down by adopting more efficient and productive methods. Perodua doesn’t demand that its suppliers cut costs by double-digit percentage points as it is not a realistic approach and cost-reductions are done whenever new parts are developed with specific volume commitments being made.

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