THE Suzuki Recursion turbocharged middleweight is more or less one-step closer towards production. Recently, patents filed by Suzuki have surfaced online, detailing several revisions from the bike’s concept form.

As a refresher, the Japanese S-brand were reportedly in the midst of developing the Recursion concept bike for mass-production. Unlike rivals Kawasaki and its supercharging approach, Suzuki has opted to chart down the turbocharging path instead as proven when it showed off the Recursion concept during the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show.

According to the patents, the production-bound Recursion retains its turbocharged 588cc parallel-twin mill, with Suzuki claiming it developing roughly 100hp and 97.5Nm of peak torque. The patent does however detail a revised air intake system for the intercooler, which is now placed in the middle of the powertrain.

As a result of the revised air intake, the patent also shows a redesigned front fascia to go along with it. Unlike the concept, which bore a striking single LED strip, the production bike will likely adopt a more traditional twin-headlight design, with the intercooler’s air intake splitting it in the middle. Only these two tweaks were determined based on the leaked patents.

Suzuki maintains its silence still with regard to the Recursion’s production project. Given the fact that the concept shown stood as a working design, it only indicates that the project has been greenlit already. The only detail that remains unconfirmed is the production version’s subsequent market arrival date.


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