CELEBRITY heart-throbs such as George Clooney and Cheryl Cole have come second-best in a recent survey of drivers who were asked for their perfect partner on a long road trip.Six out of 10 drivers in the UK said they would choose their regular partner, whether that person is their husband, wife, friend or workmate, 61% of drivers asked said they would prefer their usual driving buddy to George Clooney or Cheryl Cole.

Surprisingly, 11% of drivers surveyed by Halfords said they would be happiest with just a satellite navigation system for company on a long road trip.

The remaining drivers offered a variety of different ideal driving partners. Comedians David Walliams and Graham Norton both scored 11%, while television cook Mary Berry scored a hit with 4.1% of drivers, beating Cheryl Cole who rated 4.1% of the vote.

Jeremy Clarkson was chosen by 2% of drivers, while George Clooney and Brad Pitt scored very lowly.

As for the worst partner for a big drive, Kim Kardashian was voted the least favourite, with Katy Price and Kanye West coming in close behind.

Louise Robinson of Halfords said: ‘Going on a journey with someone is certainly a good way to get to know them but the message here was clear. The majority of people would far rather be travelling with their nearest and dearest rather than a stranger, however famous that person is.’

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