For many car-buyers, the initial introduction to a new model may impress them enough that they decided to own one. They may be told about the many features it has but not fully understand them and use them optimally. Sometimes they may collect their new car and rush off even though the sales representative wants to explain some important things – and then call back the next day and ask how to get the navigation system to work.

With modern cars having so many features, it is necessary for owners to become familiar with them so they can enjoy their drive and at NZ Wheels Sdn Bhd, an authorised dealer for Mercedes-Benz, a Mercedes-Benz Discovery Learning Programme was held recently just for that purpose.

Developed by Mercedes-Benz Malaysia, the Mercedes-Benz Discovery Learning Programme is specially designed to enable their customers to understand their vehicle and all the functions, technologies and safety features it has. The main objective of this programme is to optimise their ownership experience through information sharing and discovery sessions conducted by technical experts.

The highlight of the programme was a presentation by Andreas Roehl, a Daimler AG Technical Expert who flew in from Germany to let customers know more about the latest technologies, pre-safe and safety features of Mercedes-Benz cars. His detailed approach was aimed at helping drivers gain greater confidence on the road. A Live Demonstration Session facilitated by Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Technical Specialists also showed the operation Park Assist and Hold functions.

The customers were also told about servicing facilities and provided with car care tips during the session. With safety being a core Mercedes-Benz value, Mr. Roehl highlighted the importance of using the authorised retail network and genuine parts, the latter ensuring not just reliability but also safety.

“When you purchase a Mercedes-Benz with NZ Wheels, you did far more than buy a car. We are equally committed to keep your Mercedes-Benz at optimal quality, performance and reliability throughout your ownership with our quality services. Together with our principal Mercedes-Benz Malaysia, NZ Wheels always strives to deliver the best customer service possible and to make sure that our customers’ enjoyment of their Mercedes-Benz extends to their aftersales experience,” said Dato’ Samson Anand George, Group CEO of Automotive Group, Naza Corporation Holdings.

In conjunction with the Mercedes-Benz Discovery Learning Programme, NZ Wheels also officially opened its new Body & Paint facility at the Klang Autohaus. This facility can provide repairs and refinishing to damaged vehicles to the highest standards set by Mercedes-Benz. The RM 2 million facility has the capacity to handle up to 70 vehicles per month and has tools, equipment and repair technologies which are in accordance with Mercedes-Benz repair guidelines and standards.

NZ Wheels Klang Autohaus also has the first separate facility for a Mercedes-Benz Proven Exclusivity centre in Malaysia, a dedicated space for customers to view and test drive an extensive range of certified pre-owned Mercedes-Benz cars.

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