Nissan will join Formula E – the all-electric single-seater championship – from the end of this year when the fifth season begins. The carmaker’s participation in the ABB FIA Formula E Championship is totally in line with its position as the world’s leading mass-market zero-emission vehicle manufacturer.

“Nissan is proud to be an innovator in electric vehicles on the road with the Nissan LEAF completing more than four billion zero-emission kilometres around the world*,” said Jose Munoz, Chief Performance Officer, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. “Now, we want to bring that EV expertise to motorsport. The ability for Nissan to use this championship as a key development platform for our EV technologies and to be able to race in major city centres around the world makes it a perfect vehicle for us to showcase Nissan Intelligent Mobility.”

Nissan Intelligent Mobility is the company’s strategy to redefine how its vehicles are driven, powered and integrated into society. Nissan is working with its partner Renault to leverage expertise and development already available, in keeping with the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi automotive partnership’s focus on collaboration and maximizing synergies to boost competitiveness.

Work has been underway on developing the all-new technical package for many months as Nissan prepares for the debut of its Formula E racing car. “Nissan is bringing a lot to the table with our expertise in EV technology for the road and bringing it to the race track,” said Nissan Global Motorsport Director, Michael Carcamo. “The level of competition in the Formula E championship is on the rise and we’re eagerly awaiting the unique engineering challenge ahead. We’re entering the championship on a level playing field this year with every manufacturer competing with a brand new car, battery and powertrain combination from Season 5.”

While the technical aspects of the racing car will be revealed later, the company has already decided on the exterior colour scheme and graphics for the bodywork, designed by Nissan’s Global Design team in Japan.

“At first glance, the Formula E car looked to our design team like an EV-powered supersonic bird in flight,” said Alfonso Albaisa, Senior Vice-President of Global Design at Nissan. “Naturally, this initial reaction from the team started us on a path that captured a sense of a form breaking free of resistance and gravity. Formula E racers are virtually silent, with explosive speed bursts thus naturally we turned to Doppler when designing the livery. The combination of the sonic pulse of the Doppler effect and the released power of a sonic boom inspired our celebration of EV Racing!”

Nissan will become the first Japanese automotive brand to compete in the all-electric championship and has confirmed that it will participate for three seasons. Season 5 is expected to visit major cities around the world such as Hong Kong, Berlin, Zurich, Rome and New York.

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