The next generation of the Peugeot 208, to be unveiled at the Geneva International Motor Show next month, will be led by the new e-208 which will also be the first in a series of fully electrically-powered cars from the French carmaker. The entire Peugeot range will go electric by 2023.

However, while the EU is determined to force manufacturers to switch to zero emission vehicles by making regulations stricter, there are other regions of the world where electric vehicles will still take time to become mainstream transportation and conventional powertrains will still be required. Therefore, the new 208 will still have petrol and diesel engines available for such markets.

The e-208
For now, Peugeot is highlighting the e-208 which will have a claimed 340 kms range on a fully charged 50 kWh battery pack. Understanding that consumers still have concern about the cost of replacing a battery pack (especially in Malaysia), the company offers an 8-year/100,000 km warranty.

The 100-kW electric motor can be set to run in one of three driving modes – ECO, to optimise range; NORMAL, optimising comfort; and SPORT, allowing the driver to prioritise performance.

Recharging can be done in 3 ways – from a domestic outlet (20+ hours for a complete charge); accelerated charge at home (8 hours); or rapid recharging at a public terminal (80% of full charge can be obtained in 30 minutes). The longest period is only if the battery pack is nearly empty; as in smartphones, if it is not fully empty, then the time would of course be less and this may be the case for many owners.

Petrol and diesel variants too
As for the petrol and diesel variants, the carbon dioxide emissions have also been brought down to comply with Euro6d regulations. The petrol engine will have 3 cylinders and 1.2-litre displacement while the diesel engine will be 4 cylinders and 1.5 litres. Peugeot will continue to offer manual transmissions alongside automatic transmissions with 8 speeds.

Built on the latest generation CMP platform, the all-new 208 is 30 kgs lighter than the previous model and comes with improved aerodynamics and reduced roll resistance. It will be equipped with many driver assistance systems which until now have been available only in larger models.

The new Peugeot 3D i-Cockpit gives the driver more intuitive driving with a compact multifunction steering wheel, configurable head-up display, capacitive 7-inch or 10-inch HD colour touchscreen and the 7 satin chrome ‘piano’ toggle switches. The interior environment can also be personalised with a choice of 8 RGB LED colours. All driving information can be easily accessed through the 3D digital instrument panel and can also be projected, like a hologram, via the colour touchscreen.

Malaysian launch
As the new model will only be unveiled next month, it is likely that deliveries will start during the second half of the year. Going by past time-frames, the new 208 would probably be in Nasim showrooms in Malaysia in 2020. However, with the French carmaker’s parent company, Groupe PSA, taking a majority stake in Naza Automotive Manufacturing in Kedah to use as its regional hub, it could well be that production planning has already begun and the new 208 might appear by the end of this year.

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