A British online motorcycling portal has reported that Japanese bike maker Honda has filed new patents for its supposed RC213V-S road bike based on its championship-winning MotoGP race machine.

The new patents have renewed beliefs amongst many that the big H-brand is serious in building the road-going GP machine. The new patents that surfaced look identical to the RC213V-S Concept (pictured) shown last year, but sports a redesigned rear lamp and plate holder assembly. This tiny redesign of the tail section remains the only part patented while the rest of the bike’s design remains unpatented.

As there is still a large part of the bike’s design that remains unpatented, some believe that Honda could alter the design before the RC213V-S reaches its planned production. And, while this recent patent filing indicates Honda’s interests, the chances of seeing the RC213V-S actually being put into production remains an uncertainty.


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