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Volvo Car Malaysia has a new dealer to service customers in the northern Region of Peninsular Malaysia. The new dealer is iRoll Auto Sdn Bhd which has its 3S (sales, service and spare parts) outlet at Juru Auto-City in Prai, adjacent to the North-South Expressway.

“Establishing our presence on mainland Penang is a very important step towards creating better access to Volvo products and services to our customers in the Northern region where the market is certainly booming,” said Lennart Stegland, MD of Volvo Car Malaysia, at the official opening today.

Mr. Stegland said that the new Volvo Juru will also implement the Volvo Retail Experience (VRE). As a part of this new concept, Volvo promises a Scandinavian feel within its sales floor and an improved customer service experience.


Volvo Juru

Volvo Juru

“As we continue to introduce products that are well-designed, luxurious and safe, we strive to extend the same feeling to our customers from the very moment they enter our retail environment,” he said.

Inspired by Scandinavia, the VRE showroom is specially conceptualised as a ‘living room,’ featuring chic Scandinavian-designed furniture, clean air and warm lighting in the interior. Customers can relax in a cosy ambience while viewing the latest Volvo models or waiting for their vehicles to be serviced.

Volvo Juru

iRoll Auto Sdn Bhd has a combined experience of almost 50 years in the auto industry, starting as a used car dealer in the 1980s and eventually venturing into car servicing in the early 2000s. It is affiliated with Western Circle Sdn Bhd (which deals in luxury used cars) and Western Motor Sports Sdn Bhd (which offers car servicing).

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