The current Nissan GT-R has been around for 11 years now, having made its debut at the end of 2007. A legendary model in Nissan’s range, it has also been a major contender in motorsports, with the NISMO GT-3 version accumulating several achievements. These include taking the championship titles in the SUPER GT GT300 class and the Blancpain Endurance Series (currently the Blancpain GT Series Endurance Cup), along with overall victory in the Bathurst 12-Hour race in Australia in 2015.

NISMO or Nissan Motorsport International has been developing the GT-3 version since 2012 and delivering it to customers around the world. The latest evolution of the model has just been revealed and deliveries will begin early next year in time for the new championships.

Priced from 60 million yen ex-factory (equivalent to RM2.17 million), the new model reflects significant advances and uses many lessons learned from accumulated actual race data since the 2015 model was released. NISMO aimed to create a car that takes advantage of all of the GT-R ‘s strengths with high stability and speed at any circuit and on any brand of tyre (330/710-18 on 13J x 18 wheels).

Specifically, weight distribution has been optimized and the centre of gravity lowered by mounting the engine 150 mm further back and lower than in the 2015 model. At the same time, the front and rear suspension, along with the crossmember have been newly designed to improve the vehicle dynamics.

In addition to vigorous tests carried out in Japan and overseas since April last year, participation in several series, in cooperation with NISMO ‘s official partner teams this season, has seen the car run a total of approximately 30,000 kms. NISMO says that this latest model has enhanced competitiveness through improvements in its fundamental performance, at the same time, the new model is easy to handle for both professional and gentleman drivers, and offers significant reliability.

An exclusively designed air conditioning system is also available as an option to reduce driver stress and improve comfort during long endurances races. With output from the 3.8-litre VR38DETT engine of over 550 ps/637 Nm, the system’s draw on power would make no difference to the car‘s overall performance.

“To develop the 2018 model GT-R NISMO GT3, NISMO, as the official sporting arm of NISSAN, has made full use of the advanced technology and expertise we have gained through our vast experience in racing, and this car is built to be competitive in GT3 racing around the world,” said Takao Katagiri, CEO of NISMO. “Whilst this is its first year of actual competition, it is already demonstrating its competitiveness, having attained achievements such as a 3rd place podium finish in the Japan’s SUPER GT (GT300 class) and a 3rd place overall finish in the Blancpain GT Series Asia. I would like to greatly thank our official partner teams for being the first to choose and demonstrate the full potential of the car and we have high hopes that a number of teams will be competing with the 2018 model NISSAN GT-R NISMO GT3.”

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