At the end of January, Honda provided us with the first view of its new electric vehicle (EV) prototype which will be the basis for a future model. The EV has a clean and unique design which can be linked to the company’s Urban EV Concept shown at the major motorshows in 2017. It is a further demonstration of Honda’s ‘Electric Vision’, a commitment that two-thirds of its European sales will have electrified technology by 2025.

Now the carmaker has released a second image which shows the dashboard of the car which will go on sale later in the year. Like the exterior, the dashboard is clean and simple, with a wide touchscreen display full of buttons.

Dashboard of the first Civic generation

However what is interesting is that the designers must have looked at the dashboard of the original Civic that was sold in the 1970s as they have replicated the design in some ways. Older readers who had one will surely see the similarity of the ‘shelf’ extending out instead of a vertical façade as what you find is most cars today.

The centre boss on the steering wheel also appears to have some similarity to the one in the Civic which had a classic 3-spoke steering wheel with just horn buttons in the days before airbags and switches were installed. And the surface of the shelf also has a wood finish, recalling the same finish in the Civic’s dashboard which was used on the vertical panel.

Prototype of the new Honda EV (left) to go on sale later this year and the Urban EV concept (right) shown 2 years ago from which styling ideas were drawn.

The global premiere of the prototype will take place at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2019.

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