Confident of a better future for the brand, a number of Proton dealers have agreed to upgrade their facilities and following two earlier groups of dealers who signed agreements with the carmaker in December 2017 and January 2018, a total of 10 dealers will be upgrading their outlets to 3S and 4S. The ‘3S’ and ‘4S’ refer to facilities with sales, service and spare parts in one location or in the case of ‘4S’, with a dedicated body and paint repair section as well.

“Month by month, we see more dealers joining to upgrade their outlets. Surely, this means that Proton is a brand worth investing – a promising brand. I am delighted that we have many entrepreneurs here who share the same view. I applaud their courage and far sightedness. These are businessmen who understand the need to invest more now, in order to enjoy much more in the future,” said Dr. Li Chunrong, Chief Executive Officer of Proton, at a signing ceremony recently.

“Customers today are very different than before. Their needs have gone from expectation of a simple service when they walk into an outlet, to a different level all together. Now it becomes a lifestyle need. It is important for us to stay connected with the market requirements in order for us to be on top of our game, and to serve our customers professionally and with integrity,” he added.

Dr. Li said the company is encouraged by the increasing number of dealers who are upgrading their outlets to 3S and 4S to serve their customers better and to ensure that customers get the best. “We want them to have top-notch sales and services experience when they visit a Proton outlet,” he said.

”I truly believe we are on a strong foundation to elevate Proton to greater heights. There is never a better time than now to be part of the Proton dealership. Already, we have a very good dealer incentive support scheme – one of the best in the industry. Our chance is here and now, and you should grab the opportunity to grow together with us. I am sure, the decision you make today is a stepping stone for better things to come. With your support, Proton will progress and rise, and together we shall make it a success story,” Dr. Li declared, adding that the opportunities in Proton are abundant for those interested to become authorised dealers.

The showroom-only dealership (left) is no longer suitable today as Proton aims to offer better services to customers. It encourages dealers to upgrade to 3S facilities like the one in Johor (right) which can offer customers sales, service and spare parts at one location. Located in Pasir Gudang, the 3S centre was built with an investment of RM5 million.

“The impressive dealer incentive scheme gives us the motivation for us to deliver our best for customers in terms of sales and service and, at the same time, it allows us to get ahead with our marketing effort to promote our cars efficiently. The more cars we sell, the incentives get better as well,” noted Mohd Khairul Idzwan of Rohamas Autoservices.

”The dealer incentive support scheme not only supports us in terms of monetary subsidies but also gives a clear guide on the standard guidelines on the dealer outlet set-up requirement. Our new outlet will be triple in size with a comfortable customer waiting lounge as well as a family and kids area for a greater customer experience. This will definitely make the outlet outstanding and boost the marketability factor of Proton cars,” added Ryan Lai of LHM One Stop Car Service Centre.

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