Proton management and representatives of the 5 dealers which will upgrade their facilities.

Proton recently had a signing ceremony with a second batch of authorised dealers which will see them committing to upgrading their outlets to 3S and 4S facilities, expanding their range of services offered to customers. This follows a similar Dealer Network Upgrading agreement signing ceremony with an earlier group which was held 3 weeks ago.

Apart from being convinced of a brighter future for the Proton brand – which in turn would be good for their businesses – the dealers are also encouraged by a competitive dealer incentive support scheme offered.

A Proton outlet

This is part of the company’s efforts to ensure that customer satisfaction remains a key priority in its business, with all Proton dealers having a standard process for sales and services offered to all customers.

The incentive programme is offered to existing dealers willing to upgrade their present facilities to 3S and 4S centres, as well as to those who wish to join as new Proton dealers. This initiative separates itself from the rest in the automotive industry as it is said to be the best incentive support scheme offered, Proton claims.

“Proton is confident that it is setting the pace in the right direction. Ambitious and looking ahead, going forward with clear understanding of what needs to be done to set itself right again, now is the perfect time for Proton to get the business expansion plan going,” said the company’s CEO, Dr Li Chunrong.

“There must be a reason why Malaysians are fascinated with the Tiger. The Proton logo itself has the image of a roaring Tiger. Surely it represents boldness, courage and a spirit of survival. Just like us now at this point, taking it all in our stride, we will move ahead to ensure we continue to remain relevant and competitive in the automotive industry, by delivering to you top of the class products, quality and services. Hence, it is only natural that our dealers have agreed to upgrade their premises to 3S and 4S, as they believe that treating customers well with the best possible sales and service experience is not an option – it is a must,” Dr. Li stressed.

“For me, the fact that we have more dealers joining in to upgrade their outlets speaks volumes. This shows that there are businessmen out there who believe in the Proton brand and have utmost confidence that this partnership with Proton will elevate to greater heights and increase brand presence in the industry,” he said.

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