For those who crave exclusivity, MILAN Automotive GmbH has just the car for you. It will be representative of the new generation of hyper cars and only 99 units will be made. The hyper car which the Austrian company will produce is called MILAN RED, which is the name of a famous bird of prey.

The MILAN RED, measuring 4741 mm in length, is designed by a team of specialists aiming to combine again the skills of speed record, design object and an ultra-intense driving experience. It is the first of its kind by MILAN Automotive which is working alongside AVL (a development partner of Formula 1 racing) and PANKL Racing Systems which are contributing exclusive SLM (selective laser melting) wheel carriers.

Unlike other manufacturers which are moving towards electric or hybrid powertrains, the MILAN RED will have a 6.2-litre V8 Quad Turbo engine which will generate 1,325 bhp and 1,400 Nm. This enormous power output, sent to the rear wheels, will take the hyper car from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.47 seconds and continue on to beyond 400 km/h, it is claimed.

At this point, the company is revealing one key aspect of the MILAN RED: for the first time in the history of street-legal cars, the wishbones of the hyper car will be manufactured entirely from carbonfibre.

“Nowadays you can drive an artistic car, a high-tech-monster, a throne on 4 wheels – or a car that only serves one purpose: stealing everyone the show. And this is where we come into play,” said Markus Fux, the CEO of MILAN Automotive who was formerly a racing driver.

Exclusivity doesn’t come cheap and the MILAN RED will cost almost 2 million euros – that’s about RM9.5 million at today’s rates. Mr. Fux revealed that 18 bookings have already been received but delivery dates have not been announced.

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