BMW has done it, Toyota has done it, Proton just did it, and even Rolls-Royce has done it… and now Mercedes-Benz is also doing it: RECALL. The notice was issued for some 85,000 cars in the US and 22,000 in the UK and relates to a potential problem in the power steering system of C-Class and E-Class models produced between June 2009 and late February 2010.
According to Mercedes-Benz, there is a gradual loss of power steering fluid which can make the car difficult to control, especially at lower speeds during parking when maximum use of the pump occurs (due to greater steering angles). There is also a whining noise from the power steering pump. However, the company says that steering control is not lost.
It’s unclear why the recall mentions only the US and UK markets, which means that lefthand drive as well as righthand drive models would be equally affected. In some recalls, it may be only the LHD variants that have the fault while RHD variants are okay.
At the time of writing, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia (MBM) has not issued a statement on the matter though some news reports say that the factory has described the recall as ‘global’. It is stressed that the recall is precautionary to carry out inspections and that not all cars will have the problem.
This recall again raises the question of how buyers of privately-imported cars will get support. In many cases, the car they bought in Malaysia is officially recorded by the manufacturer as being in UK, since they originated from there. Without any proper documentation, the factory would be hesitant to agree to compensate the local dealer for parts for such cars because the car is supposed to be in the UK.
As soon as an official statement is received from MBM, we’ll let you know what’s the situation concerning the cars sold in Malaysia. 
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