One of McLaren Automotive’s latest Ultimate Series models bear the legendary Senna name and is said to ‘offer the purest connection yet between man and machine’. Priced at £750,000 each (almost RM4 million), all 500 units to be produced have already been taken up by buyers around the world.

The car is named after the late, great Formula 1 World Champion, Ayrton Senna, who achieved each of his three Formula 1 World Championships in a McLaren. The car that bears his name is the lightest, most track-focused yet road-legal car McLaren has ever built. Boasting 800 ps of turbocharged V8 power, the Senna can accelerate from 0 – 100 km/h in just 2.8 seconds, it is claimed.

If you’re disappointed that you weren’t in time to book one, there is another way to own a McLaren Senna and it will cost you only 1/50,000th the price, ie £12.99 or around RM70. You only have to accept that you won’t be able to drive it but you can still tell friends ‘I have a McLaren Senna at home’.

For that price, you get the LEGO version of the most extreme track-focused roadcar built by McLaren, with interlocking plastic bricks replacing carbonfibre. The downsized car is part a LEGO Speed Champions edition and like the real thing, the collectible model promises hours of engaging fun. You don’t even need a driver’s licence to enjoy it!

Each full-sized McLaren Senna takes close to 300 hours of hand assembly at the McLaren Production Centre in the UK. You too will be able to assemble one with your own hands (probably many times over) and the process will be much easier as there are only 219 pieces to fit together for form the 15 cm-long model.

The latest in a sought-after line of LEGO McLarens, the kit includes one thing that not even the real Senna comes with: its own buildable wind tunnel. For a car that can generate an amazing 800 kgs of downforce at 250 km/h, it is just the thing for junior aerodynamicists to check out the Senna’s exceptional aerodynamic properties. The model, true to the real car, features the front splitter, roof snorkel, diffuser and giant rear wing without which no McLaren Senna would be complete.

Finished in Victory Grey with contrasting orange highlights, the model even comes with a set of interchangeable wheel rims, a removable windscreen and its own minifigure driver. Attired in a McLaren racing suit, the minifigure shows the amazing attention to detail that LEGO achieves with its Speed Champions series.

The Speed Champions editions of McLaren cars have a tendency to sell out and according to LEGO, the Speed Champions versions of both the McLaren P1 and the McLaren 720S quickly sold out and are now no longer available.

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