Downsizing has been going on in the auto industry for a number of years now as engineers set lower weight targets to meet fuel efficiency goals. In most cases, the downsizing is in the powertrain size, and to maintain or even improve performance as engine displacement decreases, turbocharging or supercharging is use, along with more advanced fuel delivery systems.

McLaren Automotive has also been downsizing entire models and as part of the McLaren P1’s fifth anniversary celebrations, the company has unveiled a downsized variant which even has a significantly downsized price of £35.99 (about RM200)!

Not only that but this special P1 runs on alternative fuel, powered purely by feet attached to a human motor which is recommended to be aged less than 3 years old. It would therefore not be suitable for the typical McLaren customer who would be over 10 times older.

Young member of McLaren’s R&D team about to evaluate the handling of a downsized variant of the P1

The ‘foot-to-floor’ edition can be purchased online from December 2017. It is the latest addition to a wide range of licensed models and products available long after all 375 full-size examples of the McLaren P1 were sold.

The McLaren P1 toy car collection also includes the McLaren P1 electric Ride-On and the McLaren P1 Tecnomodel collectible, the latter of which is likely to appeal to buyers who are older than the young target group of the ‘foot-to-floor’ variant.

Other licensed McLaren P1 products include die-cast models from AutoArt, TSM, Kyosho, Motormax, Kinsmart and Hot Wheels.

There are also resin models from Amalgam, TSM and Tecnomodel and Scalextric slot cars. An Airfix ‘Quick Build’ model is also available, as are radio-controlled models from New Bright, Rastar and Maisto.

Don’t you wish you’re 3 years old again?

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