The Mazda model line sold in the USA is the most fuel-efficient, according to the latest Light Duty Fuel Economy Trends Report released by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently. The report shows that the company had the highest overall Manufacturer Adjusted Fuel Economy for the 2014 model year – a first-place ranking for the third year in a row.

The EPA’s Fuel Economy Trends Report summarizes fuel economy trends of vehicles sold in the US market on a model year basis, and ranks automakers by Manufacturer Adjusted Fuel Economy. The overall average fuel economy of Mazda models was 29.4 miles per US gallon (12.5 kms/litre), which was an improvement of 4.6% over the previous year.

The Manufacturer Adjusted Fuel Economy is the average fuel economy of all vehicles sold by a manufacturer over a 1-year period. For the Fuel Economy Trends Report, the EPA uses adjusted combined city and highway fuel economy figures for each model by model year, and the average is weighted for sales volume.

CX-5, one of the company's most popular models, was the first to have the complete suite of SKYACTIV Technologies

The superior fuel efficiency of Mazda vehicles is not surprising as the company’s SKYACTIV Technologies were developed with that as one of the main objectives. While other carmakers have taken different approaches such as downsizing engine displacements, Mazda’s engineers have been able to further optimise the engine’s combustion process (for both petrol and diesel engines) so that less fuel is consumed.

At the same time, SKYACTIV Technologies also focus on weight-saving in many areas of the vehicle. Less weight means the engine has to work less hard to achieve a desired speed but the weight-saving cannot be simply removed without considering structural strength for safety. This is where intelligent approaches and advanced engineering have enabled weight reductions without compromising the strength and safety of Mazda vehicles.

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