Farid lives and works in Kuala Terengganu, which he has been living in the east coast for almost a decade working for a petrochemical company. His previous car, a Proton Wira did served him well as once reliable and cheap to run daily driver, however he had to let the car go as maintenance costs for the car spiralled upwards due to major parts replacements and labour costs, which he though then it is better to find a replacement.

Toyota Harrier

He was looking for an upgrade from his old rebadged Mitsubishi Lancer and had considered going for a European brand. But living in a state that hardly sees anything from Stuttgart or Bavaria driven on a daily basis, he opted for a 2014 Toyota Harrier, which he had found on Motor Trader for under RM160,000. He got excited but only to find out that the car is all the way in Kuala Lumpur. Taking a long drive down to find that the car is not worth the buy would be a waste of a one-day annual leave.

The thought of that 2014 Toyota Harrier made him restless with doubts and the possibilities of it being completely different than advertised. He first new about Goo KANTEI almost a year ago when he was researching on what sort of car he should be getting in the near future, which he was slightly sceptical about the brand’s legitimacy. But after reading the articles and heard from his relative on her experience in employing Goo KANTEI to inspect her husband’s BMW 530i, Farid was convinced.

Goo KANTEI inspector

However, the thought to driving the car home would be a treat and was curious to know if Goo KANTEI can actually inspect the car for him remotely in Kuala Lumpur to see if the car is in tip top condition. He visited www.gookantei.com.my and made a booking. He also made a request to receive his certification by mail so he could make the decision to make the purchase.

Car Credo Sdn Bhd, which provides the Goo KANTEI services, despatched an inspector to inspect the Toyota Harrier at the dealership. As the Harrier is a common model in Japan, it was very familiar to the inspector who had assessed hundreds of units in Japan. So, with his experience and knowledge, he was able to zoom in on areas that had known issues.

Goo KANTEI inspector

Using a diagnostic tool, he also checked the ECU (Engine Control Unit) and all the electronic systems in the vehicle and found no faults with any of them. Examining the bodywork from all angles, the inspector noted that the rear bumper had a minor accident reapair but Farid accepted this as the as it is a small issue. “I did not expect things to be in the same condition as new and what’s important is that it is mechanically okay.” The exterior condition of the Harrier was in average condition considering its age and scored 4 out of the maximum of 5 stars.

The inspection, which covered almost 344 points, was completed in 25 minutes and the official certificate was mailed to Farid later in the day. This was because the process of issuing the certificate involves sending the information to the head office in Japan where it is stored for future reference, if needed. Each certificate is then issued with a unique serial number and presented to the vehicle owner.

“The Goo KANTEI inspection was worthwhile for me as the money spent got me peace of mind. That’s important because the Harrier will be used to take my family around. I don’t want any problems to occur and we are stuck somewhere on the highway on my way home after picking it up from the dear!” said Farid.

Goo KANTEI inspections can be carried out anywhere in the Klang Valley that a customer specifies. To request for an inspection or to know more please visit www.gookantei.com.my or call 011-1722 6784. The website at www.motortrader.com.my also has a list of used vehicles which have already undergone Goo KANTEI inspections.


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